What can I expect at my first Naturopathic visit?

Your first Naturopathic visit is a chance for Dr. Pedro to get to know you; to listen closely to your current health concerns and goals as well as your past medical history.  You will have ample time to ask questions and share anything you feel is pertinent to your overall health. Dr. Pedro will review all the information you have given her and create a customized treatment plan.  Your treatment plan may include an order for blood work or other tests, herbs and nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations and/or a homeopathic remedy.  She may also make recommendations for other treatment such as an Ayurvedic consult, acupuncture, massage or chiropractic care.

What can I expect at my first Ayurvedic visit?

An initial Ayurvedic visit is done in two, consecutive appointments, one week apart.  The first visit is 1.5-2 hours in length during which time Sada will review your current activities and your health history. He will get a complete picture of who you are by looking closely at your relationships, work, diet, and lifestyle.  At the second visit, one week later, he will discuss the imbalances he sees and will suggest additions or changes to your activities that will help bring you back into balance.  If it is not possible to schedule two consecutive visits, Sada will give you recommendations at the first visit and refine them at your first follow-up visit.

How often do I need to schedule follow up appointments?

Your first Naturopathic follow up will be scheduled three to four weeks after your initial visit.  Other follow up appointments are scheduled at 4 to 6-week intervals until your condition stabilizes.  At that point, visits are scheduled as needed to maintain your newly found state of health.

After the first two Ayurvedic consultations follow-ups are scheduled monthly to monitor your progress and make adjustments.  Once you have established a regular routine follow-ups are scheduled as needed to help you maintain diet and lifestyle changes.

What should I bring to my first Naturopathic visit?

Please bring a copy of any recent blood work, other lab work or imaging for review at your first visit.  A list of current medications and supplements with dosage is also helpful.

Do you bill insurance?  

We bill insurance directly for Naturopathic visits.  Many insurance companies offer Naturopathic coverage in Maine.  Please contact your insurance company to find out if you have Naturopathic coverage.  Patients are responsible for co-pays and any remaining balance after insurance is billed.  We accept payments from health savings accounts.

Are your cash rates different from your insurance rates for Naturopathic visits?

No.  We bill insurance companies the same amount we charge patients but we do offer a ‘time of service discount’ if patients prefer to pay with cash, credit card or check at the visit rather than billing insurance.   If patients choose to pay cash at the time of their visit we do not bill insurance but can provide a superbill that can be sent in by the patient to their insurance company for direct reimbursement.

What is a homeopathic remedy and how does it work?

Homeopathic remedies are very dilute, nanoparticle medicines made from plant, animal and mineral substances.  The original substance is diluted over and over again in water.  Between each dilution, the medicine is succussed, or shaken vigorously, which allows the water to hold onto the increasingly small particles of the original substance.  Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own healing ability from the inside out.  Healing occurs on every level – mental, emotional and physical – simultaneously.  The result is a deep and long-lasting relief of symptoms.

Is Homeopathy safe?

Yes, homeopathy is incredibly safe and gentle.  It can be used with pregnant women, children and aging adults and will not interfere with herbal or pharmaceutical medicines.

How much does a homeopathic remedy cost?

A single dose homeopathic remedy is $5 and lasts anywhere from 1 month to 12 months.  Multiple dose remedies in liquid cost $10 and will last many, many months.