Regina Temple, LMT

Postural habits and stress create muscle tension and pain.  I assess posture and stress with every client.  This assessment allows me to choose the style of massage that will be most helpful to the client; addressing the underlying cause of their pain and releasing the tension on a much deeper level.

I offer several types of bodywork including full-body massage, CranioSacral, and Ayurvedic massage. CranioSacral is a very light touch technique that works to unlock deep restrictions within the fascia.  Ayurvedic bodywork includes Abhyanga and Garshana; exfoliation with dry silk gloves followed by massage with warm, herb-infused oil. Ayurvedic massage is simultaneously cleansing, stimulating, and relaxing for the client.

In addition to massage, I also attend the University of Southern Maine for their American Sign Language Interpreting program. Deaf clients and users of ASL are always welcome.

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