Rates & Insurance

Naturopathic visitsthe number in parentheses is the ‘at time of visit’ discount available to patients who pay the day of their visit, rather than billing insurance.

NEW Adult visit (75 minutes): $225 ($180)
NEW Child visit (60 minutes): $180 ($130)
RETURN Adult visit (45 minutes): $140 ($90)
RETURN Child visit (30 minutes): $100 ($70)
ACUTE visit (30 minutes): $75 ($60)

Virtual Visits are available via phone or computer. Insurance billing is not available for virtual visits. Read more about our long distance, virtual visits here: Virtual Visits

Ayurvedic Consultations:

Visit Sada’s website for a complete list of services and rates: Happy Life Ayurveda

Please contact Sada directly with questions: 207-521-6352