About Us

Welcome to Maine Natural Family Medicine!  We are so happy you are here. We are a small, private clinic in South Portland, Maine dedicated to holistic healthcare for the entire family including infants, pregnant women, teens, and adults.  
Families are complex systems made up of individuals and when one individual is sick it affects the entire system.  A good example of this is when a parent comes in complaining of insomnia and fatigue.  As you delve into the details you find that the parent is awake every night with a child who can’t sleep.  When you treat the child and they are able to sleep through the night, the whole family sleeps better! 
We currently offer Naturopathic medicine and Ayurvedic consultations.
We know you value your health and the health of your family.  We also know families are busy so we strive to make your experience both simple and convenient.  We offer direct insurance billing for Naturopathic visits as well as online scheduling and an easy-to-access patient portal system where you can view your lab results and send messages directly to your provider.
We are here for you and your family.  Please contact us with questions or simply to say hello.  We look forward to meeting you!
In health,
Sangita & Sada