Of our five senses, smell is the only one that affects the brain and nervous system directly and immediately.  This direct connection to the brain means that smell has the ability to induce feelings and bring back memories instantaneously and with great power.  Everyone has experienced this relationship between smell and memory – you walk into a room filled with a strong fragrance and suddenly you are transported to a vivid memory from long ago.  These smell-induced memories come attached to strong emotions and it is that feeling part of the memory that points to the power of fragrance to affect our mind, body and emotional state.

Essential oils are concentrated, purified plant oils.  They are subtle yet powerful medicine that regulates and balances the nervous system. These potent oils can ease anxiety, lighten depression, focus a scattered mind, regulate sleep cycles, bring comfort during grief and calm frustration, irritation and anger.

I custom blend high-quality organic or wildcrafted essential oils* based on the patient’s constitution and symptom picture.  Direct inhalation of the oil blend is the most common method of delivery but I occasionally use other methods such as diffusion, body oil, and steam inhalation depending on the condition.

*My favorite oils come from Floracopeia and White Lotus.

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