Yoga asana can be lookeShiva Stoned at as the outermost layer of a Yoga practice.  Its primary effect is on the physical body – building strong, flexible muscles and maintaining supple, healthy joints.  Asana also affects the movement of energy in the channels of the subtle energy body preventing a variety of illnesses and pain.  And, if an asana practice is tailored to the needs of the person, the practice can assist in healing physical injuries, help relax tensions and anxieties, nourish all the glands of the body and support a healthy immune system and nervous system for a more consistent and vibrant state of health.

Pranayama is the next, more subtle layer of a Yoga practice.  It involves the simple yet incredibly powerful act of breathing.  Most of us go through our daily lives with no conscious awareness of our breath.  We fail to notice how our breath changes with our emotions and our environment.  Pranayama practice seeks to bring breathing back into our conscious awareness so we can use our breath as a healing tool. Many ailments that can be helped through consistent, appropriate pranayama practices such as respiratory disorders, anxiety and depression, allergies, autoimmune conditions and neurological disorders.  As we learn to control and quiet the breath we are giving ourselves permission to relax deeply and let go of tensions in every layer of the body.  As those tensions resolve the body can stay in that state of relaxation allowing deep healing to take place.

Private yoga instruction is available in 30, 45 and 60-minute appointments.


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